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Infant Care Program
infants Our infant caregivers are very special people, as are the children they care for.  They maintain the highest standard of cleanliness to promote a safe and healthy environment for our infants.  Our infant care program prides itself on its individualized care.  Children will always be held when being fed as well as provided with encouragement and help in developing muscle control and strengthening.  The older toddlers will also be provided with outside play and preparation activities for a smooth transition into the preschool program.

Infant & Toddler Daily Communication Sheets
Every morning we ask that you take a few minutes and write down how you child's night was, how the morning is going, when your child last ate, and any special instructions you may have for the caregiver. This information will help your child's caregiver anticipate your child's special needs and make the day easier for them both.  We also ask that you include your telephone number for that day where you can be reached in case a question arises.

During the day, caregivers will write down information pertaining to your child's activities and schedule for your review. This information will include feedings, nap times, and "special" information so you can share in their days.  Our caregivers know the importance of letting you know how your child's day was, especially if a new event occurred!  If you have any questions or specific requests, please ask the caregivers and make a note on your child's daily communication sheet. 

Needed Materials
All parents are required to bring those items needed for the care of their infant and toddler, including diapers, ointments, wipes, bottles, formula, baby food, as well as extra clothing.  Blankets should also be included.  We provide clean sheets daily for infants.  Be sure that all items are marked with your child's name to prevent loss and confusion.

Preschool Program
Preschoolers Playing OutsideIt is our belief at the Chez Grand'Mere Preschool the child learns through play:  play is a child's work.  Through their play, children explore the world around them, confront problems, make decisions, experience new feelings, and discover solutions that may or may not work.  Our goals center around respect for self and others, freedom to make choices, taking responsibility for one's own actions, and building a sense of trust.  In accomplishing these goals, a child learns to trust himself and to adventure into new experiences that promote growth and development when he or she feels they are ready.  No stress is put on a child to achieve more than they are ready to handle.  In this way the child is able to move along at his or her own pace and experience success in activities they choose.  This success encourages them to move on to new challenges that will further their growth and development. Believing in one's self is an essential ingredient for the future growth of each child.

Upon enrollment, children are placed according to their chronological age.  Later they are grouped according to their development age.  Our program's planning centers around the child's individual abilities and needs.  It is our goal that each child experience success in his or her endeavors.

Kindergarten Readiness Program
Kindergarten-Ready Program: Teacher Reading To ChildrenTo prepare children for their transition into Kindergarten the year before they are old enough, they begin to spend time in a "classroom" environment.  They begin to learn simple ideas, but more importantly they learn how to listen and follow instructions.  Simple projects are designed to reinforce the importance of listening and following directions.  They also begin work on their alphabet, colors, shapes, and other ideas which will be more fully developed in Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Class: Two StudentsIdeas introduced throughout the child's preschool years will be built upon and reinforced.  Reading, early math, and science concepts will be taught in preparation for entrance into First Grade.  Our program does meet state requirements and our classroom sizes are kept small to facilitate learning. 

Summer Program
Summer means outside water play and children are encouraged to bring a swimsuit and towel for use throughout the summer. Be sure to mark each item with your child’s name – it’s too tough to remember who belongs to what when we have a stack of wet things, even for the children. Swimsuits and towels will be sent home each Friday for washing and should be returned the following Monday along with your child’s sheet and blanket.

The sun is hot and young children burn easily. We do not supply sunscreen. If your child’s skin is sensitive, you may wish to bring sunscreen marked with your child’s name to be left in their tote box. Let the staff know how to apply and please fill out a sunscreen utilization form.

If your child has problems with his or her ears, or if they have tubes in their ears, please let us know so we can take proper precautions. If you do not wish for your child to take part in water play, we will arrange alternate activities.

Weekly Themes


Brrr - It's Cold Outside


My Body


People We Love

Health & Fitness


Leapin' Leprechans

Up In The Sky


Eggs & Bunnies

Spring Has Sprung

Our Planet


Mother's Week

We Love Literature

Look How Far We've Come


Under The Big Top
(with Special Guest
Pretzel The Clown)

Red, White & Blue
(with Bouncer)


Dancing Around the World
(with Special Guests
African Drummers)

Green Acres
(Tanaca Farms)


Back To School &
All About Me
Our Community Safety

Families & Friends


Jurassic Park

Our Five Senses

Things That Go
Bump In The Night


Fairy Tales

Fall Harvest


Cold Weather Animals

Cultural Holiday Season

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