Dear Parents,

Welcome to Chez Grand’Mere Preschool. Thank you for sharing your most precious gift with us, your child. In return for your trust, it is our goal to provide a peaceful, loving environment in which your child can grow and develop to his or her fullest potential. We believe that the young child learns through play and the finest gift we, as adults, can give them is time - time to be children.

Our program starts with infant care. The infants are nurtured until they reach an age when they are ready to explore the world around them. Simple projects and small group activities are planned to stimulate the very young child. As they reach the age for entrance into preschool, we help their transition by encouraging them to verbalize their needs. Of course, we also work on potty training.

Our preschool program stresses independence and the use of play as a learning tool. Children are encouraged to make decisions and learn to work and play together with other children and staff members. As the children approach Kindergarten age, we move them toward a more structured schedule that includes learning basic ideas along with learning to listen and follow instructions. Once a child reaches Kindergarten, we provide a curriculum that will prepare them for their transition into the First Grade. We work to instill in all the children a love for school and learning.

Please feel free to call our facilities and ask the Director any questions you may have. Our environment is an informal one, and we welcome your questions and comments.

It is our sincere wish that Chez Grand'Mere continue to be a vital link between the home and family by providing the best environment to promote growth and development during these important early years of your child's life.


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Maria Esquivias, Director

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